Frequently Asked Questions

All of your accounting questions answered by the experts at Accounting Matrix Limited

What is the benefit of having an accountant year-round?

When you work with us year-round, all of your books are kept up to date. We know how demanding it is to run a business so we'll maintain all of your necessary documentation. This helps shorten the lag time when you need to present something like a profit and loss statement, or a balance sheet. Accounting Matrix Limited will always have everything you need.

How do I separate my business and personal finances?

When you open a business, you can't use a personal account for your corporation's finances. You must have a business banking account. At Accounting Matrix Limited, we can help you by reviewing your bank statements, dissecting which transactions are personal and which are business. You don't want to wait to discover you've been mixing business and personal. Trust Accounting Matrix Limited to help you keep everything separate.

How can I make my new business financially successful?

It's your job to focus on the business. If you take care of providing value to your customers, we can take care of the accounting. Let the experts of Accounting Matrix Limited handle all of the stress of organizing your finances so that you can be financially successful.

How much do monthly accounting services cost?

At Accounting Matrix Limited, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all. We know that having a new start-up is different than having an established business. We'll evaluate your finances and help you by coming up with a price structure that best fits your budget.

Do I have to have an accountant year-round?

As a business owner, it's crucial that you have an involved accountant year-round. Each month we align all of your business's profits to ensure you are moving in a great direction with the business. Again, the experts at Accounting Matrix Limited can handle everything for you, so that you can focus on growing your business.

How involved can I be as the business owner?

At Accounting Matrix Limited, we love when our clients are involved. We use an online program that we'll help set up for you. This portal allows you to access your finances online anytime, anywhere. You can rest assured that we are here to answer any questions via phone or email.