We Can Help You Maintain Your Tax-Exempt Status

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If you manage a non-profit or other tax-exempt organization, you know that having a tax-exempt or charitable status depends on maintaining accurate records. You’ve got to account for every cent donated and spent, month after month.

If you think you could do more good by focusing on the work of your organization, allow us to help. Accounting Matrix Limited offers tax-exempt organization accounting services.

We can:

  • Help you establish a tax-exempt status
  • File 990s and 501 C3s and other necessary paperwork for tax-exempt organizations
  • Set up and retain accounting records for non-profit and tax-exempt entities

Let Accounting Matrix Limited help you manage this information. Call 631-450-4224 now to set up non-profit accounting services at our Lindenhurst or New York, NY offices.

Who needs tax-exempt organization account services?

Who needs tax-exempt organization account services?

Our non-profit tax services include helping you set up your organization. We'll apply for tax-exempt status on behalf of your non-profit and help you maintain that status.

Tax-exempt and non-profit organizations can include:

  • Social welfare organizations
  • Private foundations
  • Civic leagues
  • Business and sports leagues
  • Fraternal societies
  • Employee associations
  • Unions
  • Veterans' organizations
  • Title holding corporations
  • State-sponsored workers' compensation organizations
  • Health insurance issuers
When you sign up for our tax-exempt organization accounting services, we'll provide record keeping services that keep you in compliance with Federal guidelines.

Call our office in New York or Lindenhurst, NY today to set up non-profit accounting services.